DevOpsGuys are experts in delivering practical engineering & consultancy solutions to transform and accelerate the way that organisations deliver software.

We believe that DevOps offers a new operating model for IT departments to deliver software at speed. This enables innovation which drives competitive advantage.

Our solutions are proven to achieve greater customer engagement and unlock new revenue streams, by accelerating software delivery capability across Digital Transformation initiatives.


DevOpsGuys has a large team of experienced consultants operating from offices in London and Cardiff and provides services to enterprises and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas.

Our services draw upon the real-world experience that we have gained while working with leading companies such as BAE Systems, Fitness First and Vodafone.

We are widely regarded as a global thought leader in the DevOps space and our opinions have been quoted in research by Gartner, Forrester and Microsoft. In addition, many of our key members of staff are well known amongst the wider DevOps community and are regular contributors to industry conferences, seminars and meet-ups around the world.

Our blog is well respected as a repository of DevOps best practices and has thousands of subscribers. It has also been listed in several global “Top DevOps blogs”.

DevOpsGuys holds top-tier accreditations with all of the major vendors of DevOps automation software including Atlassian, JetBrains, Ansible, Red Hat, Octopus, Redgate, AppDynamics, Dataloop and Microsoft. We also have significant experience with open source tooling such as Git, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, ELK and Docker.


DevOpsGuys considers all aspects of software delivery in order to formulate a DevOps strategy for our clients. We therefore evaluate the organisational culture, process and technology before making recommendations.

In order to specify a tailored solution, we draw from three complementary product areas: Educate, Automate and Transform. (E.A.T)

Educate – We provide a range of public and client-specific workshops focussing on DevOps and Agile best practices. We also offer specific technical training courses on individual automation tools.

Automate – DevOpsGuys has significant experience in helping organisations to implement automation tools to accelerate software delivery. We are specialists in the creation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines in both Microsoft and open source environments.

Transform – We work in partnership with our clients to define, build and ratify their DevOps transformation strategy and ensure it is aligned to the business objectives and priorities. Our Transform services remove departmental bottlenecks and improve cross-team collaboration and transparency to allow increased innovation.

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